Human Factors in Cybersecurity

Semester:2020 Winter
Credit Points:3 CP

In this seminar, students will be exposed to a researcher's bread and butter, i.e., diving into the research of the last decade in Usable Security and Privacy and getting to know the process of publishing a scientific paper.

Simulating a computer science conference’s publishing process, you will critically read and review papers, give short presentations and discuss the papers with other participants.

The topics will include (but are not limited to) usability challenges of authentication systems (including passwords), warning messages, TLS, permission systems, privacy for end-users and secure programming and configuration of computer systems.


The structure of this seminar aims to emulate a top tier IT security conference. To provide a balanced experience, all participating students will both act as “authors” and reviewer / program chair (PC).

As author:

  1. Submit “your” paper (due to time limitations: get assigned one of 3 already published papers).
  2. Defend “your” paper against 2 reviews in a rebuttal.
  3. Present “your” paper at the conference in a short presentation.

As program chair/reviewer:

  1. Write reviews for 2 other papers.
  2. Write a meta review (a summary of existing reviews + rebuttal) for 1 other paper.
  3. Present your meta review paper in a lightning talk and argue for/against accepting it.


Depending on the assignment, submission is either done via email or the HotCRP:


Important Dates

October, 13th, 2020Intro
October, 18th, 2020HotCRP Registration
October, 23rd, 2020Bidding
October, 30th, 2020Read Papers
November, 3rd, 2020HowTo Session (Attendance required)
November, 13th, 2020First Review
November, 27th, 2020Second Review
November, 30th, 2020Send out Reviews
December, 3rd, 2020Rebuttal
December, 11th, 2020Meta-Review Assignment
December, 18th, 2020Meta-Reviews
January, 4th, 2021Lightning Talk Submission
January, 12th, 2021PC Meeting (Attendance required)
January, 22nd, 2021Talk Submission
January, 26th, 2021Conference (Attendance required)