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Human-Centered Security

Broadly, we study the intersection of computer security and privacy with human factors. We are particularly interested in investigating end users, administrators, developers and designers of computer systems and their interdependencies with computer security and privacy mechanisms.

Our research involves large-scale analyses of the Internet and software repositories to understand the huge challenges humans face when interacting with computer security and privacy mechanisms.

To understand root causes, evaluate existing mechanisms and investigate novel ideas, we conduct all kinds of user studies with end users, administrators, and developers of these systems.

Recent News

Thursday, Aug 8, 2019
Winter 2019: Offered classes
We are offering a lecture and a seminar this winter semester:

Wednesday, Jun 6, 2019
Summer 2019: Job Postings
Application deadlines for the summer job postings have passed. If you are interessed in possbile future openings, feel free to contact Prof. Fahl.
Monday, Apr 4, 2019
New Office Hours
Our office is under new leadership by Ms. Griga. Starting this week, our office is open Monday to Friday from 9:00-11:00 (Welfengarten 1, A418)
Thursday, Mar 3, 2019
Summer 2019: Offered classes
We are offering two classes this summer semester:

Monday, Feb 2, 2019
We are offering multiple student assistant positions
Starting now, we are offering 4 paid positions for student assistants (“HiWis”). Job duties include assisting researchers and supporting lectures. Available positions range from 8 to 16 work hours per week.
Only requirement is being a student in informatics at LUH (Bachelor or Master). Especially students in early bachelor semesters are highly encouraged to apply. You can contact us here.
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